Mike Petix: Is the score all that matters?


Way to go Steamboat Today. How about that for Tuesday's headline, "Losing streak extends." What a great way to show positive local support for our young athletes, for all sports and disciplines. And what a great way to remind those athletes of their apparent lack of success.

That's right, just look at the scoreboard. 'Cause that's all that matters, right? How about all the hard work they put in everyday, after the daily school grind? How about the time they sacrifice to put in all that hard work?

How about the fact that they are having to completely regroup with a new cast to create new chemistry and team bonding? How about the fact that in the last five games, including Monday afternoon, they played the full 80 minutes without giving up or lying down when the scoreboard showed defeat?

How about the fact that they are still smiling and positive after each game? How about the fact that each game has been an improvement in the quality of their play and efforts, despite the adversity they face?

How about the fact that the scoreboard doesn't always tell the story of the enthusiasm and the energy that they show on and off the field? And let's not forget about the coaches. Where's the props for their enthusiasm, encouragement and positive attitudes? Most of our athletes couldn't do it without them.

It's not easy to turn adversity into a positive approach. When and where is all that accounted for so the public can see? The only quality commentary to come out of that article came from one athlete and coach.

I could write a novel about the body of work from our young atheletes and their coaches. But none of that matters. Only the scoreboard.

Mike Petix

Steamboat Springs


Scott Wedel 2 weeks, 1 day ago

High schools sports can be covered as sporting events or as inspirational life lessons.

If being covered as a sporting event when winning then it makes little sense to cover as inspirational life lessons when losing.

And there is a life lesson in learning that not everyone wins. In fact, when one team wins then another entire team usually loses. But no athlete with any maturity defines themselves on whether they win or lose. Athletes don't need pity articles that give a bunch of platitudes when their team loses.


rhys jones 2 weeks, 1 day ago

This article survived, commentary inane, but brief. It wasn't a downer, but recognition of unrewarded effort, reference to the score in facetiousness -- a subtlety not recognized by all...


Scott Wedel 2 weeks, 1 day ago

So Rhys, when was the last time that you commented on the contents of an article compared to complaining about my comment to an article?


Ben Beall 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Thanks Mike! Keep at it girls!


Brian Kotowski 2 weeks ago

I'm sure the Atlanta Falcons are basking in the glow of their hard work and sacrifice, & they'll be remembered generations hence for losing so nobly.



rhys jones 2 weeks ago

I'd be crying all the way to the bank.


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