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Mavericks, Howelsen provide stage for local freeskiers, snowboarders


— With a little more than a month to go before the USASA Nationals in Copper Mountain, Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club snowboard director Tori Koski and club freeskiing coach Tony Lodico were thrilled that athletes from Steamboat Springs had an opportunity to compete in a qualifying event at home in the Mavericks pipe a few weeks ago.

The event was part of a series of events this month where local skiers and snowboarders are hoping to qualify for the USASA Nationals, which are slated for Copper Mountain April 1 to 6.

The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club skiers competed in Keystone last weekend and will travel to Breckenridge this weekend for the final halfpipe and slopestyle qualifiers of the season.

“It was great hosting a USASA event,” said Koski, who leads the snowboard team. “The feedback was great, and everybody seemed to love our new terrain park.”

The local events included a halfpipe event at Steamboat Ski Area on Feb. 18. It was the first time in several years that Steamboat Springs has hosted such an event.

Ludico said the advent of bigger halfpipes reduced the interest in hosting events in smaller 18-foot pipes like Mavericks. However, the coach suggested hosting an event in Steamboat this year, and organizers felt it was a good idea.

"It was a great opportunity to showcase what a great 18-foot halfpipe we have," Lodico said. "The folks who organized the Rocky Mountain Series jumped on board, and it was a huge success."

In addition to the halfpipe event, local organizers also included a terrain park event at Howelsen Hill on Feb. 19. That event drew about 90 athletes from Steamboat Springs and across the region hoping for top finishes and a chance to qualify for the USASA finals.

Top freeskiing competitors from Steamboat Springs included:

Halfpipe, Feb. 18, 2017

Freeskiing Youth Boys (14-15)

2- Liam Baxter

4- Jon Kolvereid

5- Sean Boyne

Freestkiing Menehune Boys (10-11)

1- Wiley Wagner

5- Cael McCarthy

Freeskiing Breaker Girls (12-13)

1- Riley Jacobs

Freeskiing Braker Boys (12-13)

5- Owen Taylor

Rail Jam, Feb. 19, 2017

Freeskiing Boys 14 and over

1- Liam Baxter

4- Kai Doyle

7- Alex Spiegel

Freeskiing boys 10-13

2- Wiley Wagner

3- Charlie Greene

4- Logan Spiegel

5- Blake Clemente

7- Owen Taylor

10- Cael McCarthy

Top snowboarding competitors from Steamboat Springs included:

Halfpipe, Feb. 18, 2017

Snowboard 14 and over boys

3- Jacy Werner

4- Johnny Duty

Snowboard 14 and over girls

5- Meredith Conner

Snowboard 10-13 girls

7- Kendall Harrington

9- Tatum Lightner

Snowboard 10-13 boys

1- Marty Boyd

7- Jake Suchowski

10- Braden Duty

11- Walker Overstake

13- Elias Christian

Snowboard 9 and under girls

1- Rochelle Weinberg

2- Virginia Boyd

Snowboard 9 and under boys

2- Kai Jensen

6- George Redfern

Rail Jam, Feb. 19, 2017

Junior Women (16-17)

1- Meredith Conner

Snowboard Youth boys (14-15)

4- Johnny Duty

Breaker Boys (12-13)

1- Marty Boyd

Breaker girls (12-13)

4- Kendall Harrington

Menehune boys (10-11)

1- Ian Matteoli

6- Braden Duty

8- Jackie Clemente

10- Elias Christian

Ruggie Girls (7 and under)

1- Rochelle Weinberg


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