Letters to the editor


Nancie McCormish: Rope or noose?

"Phasing out rodeo and rider access to preferred “valet” parking for town workers or visitors discredits both our past and present traditions." — Nancie McCormish

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Sean Deming: How we weave

"Always offering a warm welcome to the customer who comes down the checkout lane, Sue is the person who has the courage to go out into the world, prove she’s the best and come home like the experience was just another great day, although maybe a bit more special than others." — Sean Derning

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Letter to the editor: Community embraces Choose When

"A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of you who came on March 15 to attend the first Focus on Women event and hear about the Choose When project." — Choose When Committee

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Ken Collins: Democracy headed for CPR

"Before our eyes, we are watching a democracy/republic dissolve." — Ken Collins

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Ed Miklus: Grey ides of November

"Our corporate neighbor up on the mountain 'stuck it' to grandma and grandpa with a 37 percent two-year price increase." — Ed Miklus

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Steve, Elissa and Travis Kavovit: Shame on this newspaper

"It has been close to two months since this newspaper wantonly published an article on the front pages, which essentially put a bullet in the head of our beloved son Chaz Kavovit." — Steve, Elissa and Travis Kavovit

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Lisa Brown: Hospice daffodils a huge success

"Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual Hospice Daffodils fundraiser." — Lisa Brown

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Lauren Dobell: It's time for a lift tax

"The Steamboat Ski Corp. has gotten a 'free ride' for 50 years, and it is now time for them to proudly support a tax on their lift tickets." — Lauren Dobell 

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Judy Duncan: I'll still be buying a pass

"I just hope the increase for my pass goes to enhancements to lifts, more on mountain food accessibility and facilities and not the roller coaster." — Judy Duncan

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Paul Wellman: Single-payer system is way to go

"I bet is the people of Colorado are really going to regret their rejection of Amendment 69." — Paul Wellman

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Larry Moore: Puzzling poop bags

"It appears that these people feel their duty has ended at the act of putting the poop in the baggie, and they feel no obligation to also remove the bag." — Larry Moore

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Linda Delaney: We'll be watching

"So if Rep. Tipton is sincere, he will vote against HR 277 and vote for his congressional district and the 1.4 million Colorado residents who are enrolled in Medicaid." — Linda Delaney

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Edith Lynn Hornik-Beer: Help others, help ourselves

We are all concerned about the Affordable Care Act. What will change? Will those who can’t afford insurance be covered? What will be taken away?

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Judy McGinnis: Facts, please

When can we expect a clear evaluation of the consequences of the AHCA to the people of this district?

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Susanna Opper: Cost of carelessness

An open letter to the snowboarder who ran into me on Rudi’s Run: Since you took off when you heard the call to Ski Patrol, even though you were asked to stay around, you don’t know my story. I’d like to share it with you.