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Ken Collins 4 days, 7 hours ago

Dan K., I do walk the walk. I call my congress folks, I donate to the Sierra Club and the Environmental Defense Fund, I write letters to people and send articles showing both sides. But this administration is making it impossible to see the "other side".
Ken M. I'm not convinced that the rioters @ Berkeley were actually liberals. Very un-liberal like to be black clad and most wearing masks. And what about Trump urging violence @ his rallies? A despicable human being.
What does amaze me is how a person can back someone who out and out lies almost everytime he opens his mouth. And he is never at fault!
Not even 70 days and all he's done is gut the EPA, the State Dept., the Education Dept., ok"d mountain-topping for the coal industry which pollutes more than mining and actually cuts jobs in coal. Oh, and put half his family on the government trough. The Secret Service can't afford Trump. A lot like the country.


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