Do you think the city should move more aggressively to accommodate a housing proposal that would add 450 units to the western side of Steamboat Springs?

Yes, our housing problem is too serious for further delays 136 votes


No, caution is best 220 votes


I'd like more information about the proposal 49 votes


405 total votes


Scott Wedel 1 month, 1 week ago

These poll questions are so poorly worded that they give no idea what the answers are supposed to mean. What does "move more aggressively' mean? Does that mean accept the developer's proposals including an extra $16,000 per house on top of tap fees? Does that mean waive water and tap fees to try to lower costs? Could argue that "caution is best" means accept the developer's proposed $16,000 in additional water dept fees.

There are specific proposals on the table, but the poll gives none of those among answers. The poll question is vague and only choices are generalist answers.


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