In light of the area’s housing challenges, do you think it’s time for city and county officials to take a new look at 1995’s Urban Growth Boundary?

Yes 109 votes


No 133 votes


Unsure 11 votes


253 total votes


Scott Wedel 2 months ago

What an odd question. The UGB is the result of various area plans so what plans are to be redone?

Is the question suggesting that the plans to not grow east along 40 or north into Strawberry Park should be changed? I doubt that has much support and it certainly would not create any lower cost housing.

Is the question whether the West Steamboat Springs Area Plan should be redone? That plan has thoroughly failed so I'd say yes, redoing that plan is long overdue. Redoing that plan would not even require changing the UGB, an updated plan could eliminate the east to west phasing so that other property owners could seek to develop their properties now instead of waiting for other properties to be developed before they are allowed. Though, I would be inclined to allow development along Twentymile Road south of 40 so that there might be some competition among property owners seeking annexation.


Eric Morris 2 months ago

As a libertarian, yes. As a property owner that already has mine (facing a special assessment to turn it really, really fancy), no.


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