Which do you think is the best course of action to address Steamboat’s downtown parking problems?

Continue and expand efforts to enhance parking opportunities in existing lots 162 votes


Build a centralized parking structure 177 votes


Institute paid parking in the downtown corridor 65 votes


Unsure 7 votes


411 total votes


BILL CULLY 2 weeks, 2 days ago

I changed my mind after reading the Steamboat Today Editorial. I always thought parking meters were tacky and inefficient but just the fact that it might reduce congestion as drivers circle circle circle the block waiting for someone to move is a big plus. Some revenue will be generated and a level of enforcement/control will be created. A multi level parking structure downtown or in Old Town is going to block someone's view and be a blight. I have always liked the idea of paving the Rodeo Grounds parking lot and now the idea of moving the entrance may be a good idea as well. The lower 10th St (YVEA) lot will go bye bye for some sort of high end hotel/condo project so we can kiss that parcel goodbye. METERS from and including Oak St to the River and ROMICK ARENA is my preference.


Scott Wedel 2 weeks ago

Residential starts at Oak which is within easy walking distance of downtown stores and offices. Thus, any paid parking is also going to require permit parking as a few blocks buffer so that people don't park in residential areas to avoid paying for parking.

The claim that people are looping around downtown is not a documented part of downtown SB traffic. That is what research has shown exists elsewhere. But most downtown districts with parking issues are larger areas so that it is quite hard to find parking within walking of desired destination. In SB downtown, you can always, literally always, find parking on Pine St and nearly always much closer. So there is no need to be driving in downtown SB looking for parking because it is always available within a few blocks. And rarely is downtown parking so bad that a spot cannot be found quickly on Oak St.

Normally, it is the residential area next to downtown that has citizens complaining loudly about the impact of parking in their neighborhood that causes changes to downtown parking for a smaller downtown area like SB. So far, the downtown neighborhoods are not insisting that something be done so that downtown shoppers or employees are not parking in their neighborhood.


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