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How much more?

My husband and I are beginning to “toy” with the idea of selling the condo we’ve owned for over six years it’s been our home away from home outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Why? Well, we certainly weren’t so naive 22 years ago when we first visited and skied and fell in love with this town to think that progress wouldn’t occur! But then when we bought our condo we thought “how much more can they possibly build?” Little did we know how much! And when the crane arrived at the top of Mt. Werner a little piece of our hearts died. Every time we “escape” to Steamboat Springs the beautiful views are more and more cluttered with new construction.

Did anyone ever hear of recycling? You know, using and buying what is already available? That’s what we did. There’s not even enough help to keep all these places running.

Then we get letters from our management company wondering why skier day figures are down.

HELLO! It’s real simple. Steamboat Springs is no longer the easy going, laid back, cowboy town that is being tooted and that people like us fell in love with.

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Why would anyone hassle with the travel woes of trying to get here only to have the atmosphere be not much different from what we left at home?

Jack and Susan Morgan

Steamboat Springs and Chicago, Ill.

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